What is Foxqua?

What is Foxqua?

Foxqua is a small company that was started with two founding principles in mind.. having fun and giving back.

Why, you ask? Because these are my passions.

I have spent years in industries that were great for making money and living life, but that did not align with who I truly am. I am a person that loves to have fun. Laugh. Sometimes I look at the sky and ponder the billions of stars and the universe, and the meaning of life. In my deep gaze I saw a sign – divine intervention, if you will –  that said.. you must start a company. “Build it and they will come.”

… ok, that isn’t exactly how it happened. The voices didn’t happen, but I am being true to who I am. I love to have fun. I love to enjoy friends. I love nature and how awesome life is and that is why I want to give back.. so everyone can continue to enjoy the amazing planet we live on.


How much goes to charity?

10% of net profits.


What charities are being supported?

I believe that our planet is our home and we need to take care of our home much better than we have. While there are MANY worthy charities out there, we will primarily be focusing on helping environmental and wildlife preservation organizations. There are remarkable people out there trying to help nature – land and animals – every day. Those heroes need our support so they can continue to fight for the planet we enjoy.